“But, it’s only a dollar!” Saving money $1.00 at a time.

♦ Updated July 16, 2020

Summary: Learn how to save money, one dollar (or peso, pound, euro) at a time. Yes, one dollar at a time. Your time reading this is “worth the money” you will save.

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Countless times I have heard these words from people: “Why not buy it? It’s only $1.00. Or it’s only a $1.00 more.” (or peso, pound, euro, etc.)

But ask yourself ~ do you need it? If not save your money!

Save money each day. Change your habits. Use coffee travel mugs

  • Stop buying coffees at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I recommend making coffee at home to bring with you to work, running errands, or before you leave for an enjoyable morning event. However, if you cannot make coffee at home at a given time, or need a caffeine burst around 3pm when you are dozing off at your desk, cubicle, or workstation — at least use a coffee travel mug and buy a coffee refill.
  • When grocery shopping, buy coffee on sale or use a coupon (either printable, clip to card, or from a newspaper insert).

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To save money, make your coffee at home

Please note: Coffee refills are MUCH cheaper than buying a “regular” cup. Also, do not forget to ask about a ‘punch card’ whereby you receive a FREE coffee via a Buy 10 get 1 Free Card, or Buy 5 get 1 Free Card. Practice frugality, and you will save $3.00 – $4.00 per day on coffee, and $0.50 cents/day on refills.

Saving money. Cancel your credit card account and debit card. Only if you spend too much.

  • Use cash if you are bad with your credit and debit cards. Switch to a Credit Union, a smaller local bank, an on-line bank where they still offer FREE CHECKING ~ and use cash if you can’t stop spending.

How wasting $5.00/month adds up.

  • $60.00 per year * 10 years = $600.00 of your hard-earned money *poof* GONE!

Saving money – Children.

  • Make your children’s own snacks for home or school (instead of buying pre-packaged snacks), you can buy larger boxes of crackers/peanut butter and make peanut butter crackers instead of buying the more expensive, individually wrapped ones. Buy generic sandwich bags – $1.50 for 150 bags! Make ahead of time and put in a storage container to grab at your convenience.

Saving money – Gas/petrol.

  • Group their rides and activities together – Save gas as much as you can. Figure out your routine, what you normally buy, and time your trips. Only you know your spending habits, favorite grocery stores, pharmacies you shop at, etc. Also, do not shop sporadically – plan to save!

Save money. Read your newspaper online.

I have not bought a weekly newspaper in years. To save $1.00/day, read a newspaper online!

Here are some suggested websites for great newspapers (and other news outlets):

$1.00/day in savings = $365 per year!

Money pet money saving tips

Another Article During Covid-19, this is how some U.S. banks are helping customers

  • Click on the link above for more great money saving tips for pet expenses.

Save money – Wash your own dog. Don’t pay a groomer.

C’mon, do you really need to bring Fido to the groomers? Unless your dog is the size of Clifford the Red Dog, I think you can wash your dog in your tub or shower stall.

  • At roughly $30.00/week, you can save $120.00/month by giving your dog a bath. Dog shampoos are relatively inexpensive at 800-Pet-Meds or PetCareRX.com versus a brick-and-mortar store like PetCo.

(PetCo shampoo is twice as high.)

Suggestion to save more money: Go to PetCareRX.com and sign-up for their emails and each day, you will receive a FREE offer for a “DEAL OF THE DAY” where you will get a FREE dog toy or healthy dog biscuits for FREE! Google “PetCareRX.com online coupon codes” or look for $5.00 or $10.00 coupons in your Sunday Newspaper for more savings.

Saving money calculations

If you start by taking baby steps (small steps) and save $1.00 / day, that will translate into $365.00 per year.

Then look at the big picture

By saving $1.00 day –>

  • $1.00 * 365 days = $365.00
  • $365.00 * 10 years = $3,650.00

By saving $2.00 day –>

  • $2.00 * 365 days = $730.00
  • $365.00 * 10 years = $7,300.00

That is a lot of money you can save, starting with saving $1.00 (or $2.00 if you can) per day!

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  1. You can make your own coffee?? You are blowing my mind! I thought you needed a big huge machine and I just have a small apartment. Can you please describe how to do that?

  2. Can you recommend a good shampoo for my big shaggy dog? Is dog shampoo the same as human shampoo? Can I just use the same one I use on my own hair? Also, should I condition?

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