Save money on groceries. Clip and print coupons.

Save money on groceries. Make a grocery list. Keep your coupons organized.

Updated on July 15, 2020

Easy money – Clip online, or print, grocery and household coupons at home.

I just love to print coupons at home and use,, and With these sites, you can print out grocery store coupons, without cutting out Sunday paper grocery coupons.

But due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, things have changed for us couponers. It is much easier to clip coupons ~ rather than print them ~ in the new era of avoiding going into grocery stores and ordering groceries online.

If you can save $7.00 per month with coupons, that is $84 per year. Now, that is a free electricity bill!

Additional online coupon sources:

  • You can also search for online coupons at using Cartwheel or directly from their website.
  • Unfortunately, Walmart Grocery does *not* offer online coupons.

Join all of your local grocery store reward programs, and join grocery rewards clubs (all free):

  • You can save so money by joining all of your local grocery store reward programs (i.e. Safeway, Hannaford, Price Chopper).
  • Join Ibotta
  • Join Checkout51
  • Join SavingStar

Make a grocery list (before you shop)

I use this Coupon Zip-up Binder to keep my coupons organized! It works perfectly.

My recommendations to SAVE MONEY:

  1. Review the grocery store flier,
  2. Circle all of the sale items,
  3. Write your grocery list ahead of time, and
  4. Have your coupons prepared and organizes (in an envelope, hand-written list, or a computer program {i.e. Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel} of your choosing).

Using coupon printing software

You may have to install their “coupon printing software” – and it is safe (I have had no issues and have been using these sites for a while now).

To use (as an example):

(1) Go to

(2) You may be prompted to install their coupon printing software or have a code texted to you.

(3) Next time you go to, you will be redirected to

(4) Select the coupons you want.

(5) Hit “print”.

It is time to start saving money on your grocery bill, if you (1) do not want the hassle of clipping coupons, or (2) supplement your Sunday newspaper coupons with printable coupons as well.

Take Aways…

  • Photocopy Coupons – I have noticed that once I hit the print limit (usually 2), I cannot print anymore and will see the message “Print limit reached”. Photocopying coupons is not allowable.
  • Combine using coupons with sales – For example, Totinos pizza rolls are usually $2.00/box (15 count). They went on sale at my local grocery store BOGO (buy one get one free). I bought 4 boxes, got 4 free (8 total). Now, at full price this would cost me $16.00 (8 boxes * $2.00), but it only cost me $4.70 – that is 59¢ a box!!!
    • 4 BOGO boxes (8 boxes) * $2.00 = $8.00
    • $8.00 – $1.10 coupon – $1.10 coupon – $1.10 coupon= $4.70
    • $4.70/8 boxes = 59¢ a box !

I used three (3) 55¢ coupons, which my grocery store doubles to $1.10.

  • Remember to keep your coupons organized – By purchasing a coupon organizer, you will be able to actually file and find your coupons – whether you have printed them out or clipped them from the Sunday paper coupon inserts. I recommend buying one from a dollar store Target, WalMart, or Amazon to start. Amazon has a nice selection to choose from, but you can start by making something and be super frugal. Do what is best for you based on the time and money you have. There is no wrong way to start ~ only the right way. Be motivated and be positive!
  • Set-up Coupon Categories – Also, consider the following categories for your coupon organizer:
 ~ Bathroom items  ~ Beverages  ~ Breakfast  ~ Canned goods  ~ Cleaning supplies ~  Dairy ~  Frozen  ~ Snacks ~ Baby items ~ Pet food

…and any other category that works for you!

  • Donate Coupons and Give Back – You can also donate coupons to the military, to your local church, a senior center, and the list in endless. We love helping those in need! We often donate products we buy on sale, coupled with a coupon, to local food banks.

Have fun while couponing too!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the couponing experience and find time for yourself.

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The free moments in life…

In conclusion

When you get into the habit of using coupons, taking advantage of specials and sales, and remembering grocery items prices in your head, this becomes a standard part of your shopping routine.

In my opinion, the 10¢ I spend on paper and ink, is the worth the $1.00 I can save on any one product, especially because one of the many groceries stores we shop at doubles coupons (a 55¢ coupon would be doubled to $1.10).


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